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The Executive Parc

The Executive Parc will be located at the northeast corner of Marine Drive and Taylor Way, positioned as a gateway into, and out of, the District of West Vancouver. The Executive Parc project will reflect the forward-thinking initiatives, vision, and existing policy of the current Official Community Plan and the design/development of the Executive Group, a local and long standing development company. This development will enhance the entrance way to West Vancouver with a verdantly manicured park space and will replace the current dilapidated retail complex currently occupying the lot.

This ground breaking project consists of an architecturally striking multi-storey residential building over two levels of underground parking. The project also includes Executive funding the restoration of a striking early west coast contemporary heritage office building designed by the late Fred Hollingsworth along with the dedication of a new public park. A key component of the development is the provision of new, and much needed, rental apartments to the West Vancouver community. The development has been designed in close consultation with the planning department of West Vancouver and will greatly contribute to the community with robust housing diversity which includes rental units, the dedication of a new community park, enhanced walkability and skillful heritage restoration.

The Executive Group

Executive Group is a Vancouver based diversified real estate development and management company. The principals of Executive have been long-term residents of the West Vancouver community. The company's President, Salim Sayani, was born and raised in North Vancouver and has lived in West Vancouver for the past 15 years. The Executive Group is a proud Canadian company that believes in incorporating quality architecture, sustainability, and developing meaningful community amenities as key parts of all its residential projects. WWW.EXECUTIVEGROUPDEVELOPMENT.COM

Official Community Plan

We have aligned our vision with that of the current Official Community Plan and are dedicated to implementing several urban design principles and key measures to ensure the development is wholly beneficial to the community of West Vancouver and remains synonymous with the core objective as set forward by the district. This is embodied in our design with the prioritizing of pedestrian-friendly structures, diverse affordable housing options, community open spaces, and the preservation of important heritage structures.

Executive has placed great emphasis on cycling traffic, pedestrian routes, and public transit in our planning, making our development strongly advantageous in terms of reducing vehicle traffic in the area. In addition, this development has superior access to public transit, bike routes and walkability to the Park Royal Shopping Village, as well as the downtown core.


Given that our Executive Parc project is situated in an area that embodies both community and commuting, we have designed our development with the intention of maintaining current culture, while reducing our impact on traffic flow within the West Vancouver area. We have based our findings on an independently produced professional traffic study by Canada's leading transportation management consultants, who confirm that the impact to traffic operations on the area road network would be negligible and in some cases may reduce trip counts when compared to the site's previous retail use. By repurposing the drive-oriented retail complex which existed on the site with rental and market residences, it will result in fewer trip counts and help ease traffic.


It has been acknowledged that navigating Marine Drive as a pedestrian can be challenging, due to consistent traffic and a severe lack in pedestrian footpaths. We intend to solve this issue by utilizing our space to bridge the Park Royal shopping district with the Capilano River/Ambleside Seawall access area. The Executive Parc project will accomplish this with the creation of enhanced pedestrain walkways, access steps, thoughtful planting, and strategic lighting to create a space that captures the effortless feeling of arrival, entry, and safety. With enhanced focus on our development edges, we have found that it creates a strengthened relationship with the boundary of the public realm. We feel our contribution will create a space that helps facilitate access to public transportation, The river and seaside walking paths and strives to promote a friendly pedestrian streetscape which is comfortable, safe, and welcoming. In addition, we will be foot-accessible to many nearby schools and small shopping opportunities.

Housing Diversity

To aid the municipality's vision of increasing rental stock, we intend to contribute to the needs of the West Vancouver community by providing a competitive assortment of stylish rental and market housing. This development will bring new live/work opportunites into the neighborhood by making available approximately 89 beautiful homes: a variety of housing types and sizes ranging from one-bedroom units to larger family-oriented homes. This is ideal for single parents, seniors, young adults, and families. Our development is intentionally structured to cater to the clear needs of the West Vancouver community and aids the Housing Policy clearly laid out within the current Official Community Plan.

Community Open Space

A context study proposed by the District of West Vancouver Planning Department highlights the importance of bisecting urban growth and prosperity with the lush, west coast greenery that makes this community so sought after. We strive to compliment this within our development through the creation of green space, significant pedestrian links, and in dedicating a new public park to the District of West Vancouver. Executive Group intends to dedicate this park to the city, which is located at the high profile corner of Taylor Way and Marine Drive and will be a beautiful and fitting addition to the gateway of West Vancouver, replacing the current eyesore: a demolished gas station which has sat untouched on this corner for years.

Visionary Landscape Architecture

The new park design has been developed in consultation with renowned landscape architect Jonathan Losee, and is designed to increase positive social interactions as well as beautify the entrance to West Vancouver. We feel that open spaces, as well as river and seawall access, should be acknowledged and celebrated in all stages of our planning. To this end we have incorporated access to many green spaces and the river/seawall into our development so all local residents may cherish the unique culture of the west coast.

Community Space

To healthy social interaction in the community, our initiative offers a community garden artistically designed to create a nurturing experience. We believe a adding to the community park space at this gateway location is a powerful and positive step in creating a community that is interconnected and strong.

Another aspect that Executive prioritizes within this project is the essential step of preserving heritage within the community. This means rehabilitating the Woyat-Bowie Building, which was designed by influential architects Fred Hollingsworth and Barry Downs, which currently stands on the site at 660 Clyde.

Heritage - Woyat-Bowie Building

Constructed in 1966, the one storey structure stands as an inspiration to the architects of the post-war era and exemplifies the early stages of contemporary architecture on the west coast. In implementing the approved conservation plan, West Vancouver can protect and celebrate the timeless traits of this important heritage listed building. Timeless elements that contribute to the unique nature of the building include a raised monitor roof, a keen arrangement of internal courtyards, a shallow reflecting pool, and the building's relationship to the street with a landscaped entrance. Executive intends to fully restore and preserve this wonderful heritage structure for future generations. The Woyat-Bowie Heritage building will be rehabilitated with sustainability in mind and a focus on the general improvement of its energy performance. The classic modern-Japanese design will be left intact with improvements to the roofing, glazing, and lighting systems.


We have, and continue, to work diligently with West Vancouver to ensure Executive Parc is a highly-sophisticated building with some of the highest energy parameters set to ensure homeowners can be proud of the environmentally-friendly design. The building will incorporate multiple sustainable elements including, but not limited to, a host of renewable energy systems to minimize impact on natural resources, as well as using locally sourced materials to minimize the environmental impact of shipping and transport. The building will have an eco-proven green roofing solution to add longevity and efficiency to the renewable energy systems. Automated interior systems will ensure adequate indoor comfort while minimizing energy costs, which become doubly effective combined with high-efficiency electrical and mechanical systems. The high-efficiency glazing, and thorough eco-strategies are designed to reduce construction waste and increase recycling uptake. The building itself will use thoughtful architectural design to maximize daylight and scenic views for homeowners without sacrificing energy efficiency.

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